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METCO Directors Annual Breakfast

Tuesday, Februrary 9, 2017 / 10:00am

State House / Member's Lounge, 3rd FL

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March 14th, 2017 / 9:00am

State House (Nurses Hall)

We encourage METCO parents and students to submit letters/e-mails and place phone calls to Governor Baker ASAP.  Please express your support of the METCO program and advocate that he demonstrate his commitment to Massachusetts students by supporting METCO’s funding request of $23M for FY18. 



Please urge your children to also submit letters.  It is very powerful for Governor Baker to hear directly from the students who will be impacted by prospective budget cuts or a lack of adequate funding for the METCO program in FY18.


1. Contact Governor Baker:
a. Email a letter to Governor Baker at: 
b. Mail a letter to Governor Baker at: 

Massachusetts State House Office of the Governor Room 280 Boston, MA 02133

c. Call Governor Baker’s office: 617.725.4005


Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz: 617-722-1673 Email:

Senator Richard Ross: 617-722-1555 Email:


Rep. Jay Kaufman: 617-722-2320 Email:

Rep. Alice Peisch 617-722-2070 Email:

Conference Committee Members:

Representative Brian Dempsey: 617-722-2990 Email:

Representative Stephen Kulik: 617-722-2380 Email:

Representative Todd Smola: 617-722-2100 Email:

Senator Viriato deMacedo: 617-722-1330 Email:

Senator Sal DiDomenico: 617-722-1650 Email:

Senator Karen Spilka: 617-722-1540 Email:

Please call METCO, Inc. at 617-427-1545 ext. 13 regarding the content of this legislative alert.

"Without meaningful social contact, talk of tolerance and cooperation is nothing but an abstraction." ~US Federal District Court Judge Nancy Gertner

Chapter 76, Section 12A of Massachusetts General Laws states that "the school committee of any city or town or any regional school district may adopt a plan for attendance at its schools by any child who resides in another city, town, or regional school district in which racial imbalance exists." This plan "shall tend to eliminate racial imbalance in the sending district" and, as the law states, "to help alleviate racial isolation in the receiving district." The definitions of 'racial imbalance' and `racial isolation' are found in Chapter 71, Section 37D (also referred to as Chapter 636, section 37D). In summary, 'racial imbalance' is the condition of a public school in which more than fifty percent of the pupils attending such school are non-white. 'Racial isolation' is the condition of a public school in which not more than thirty percent of the pupils attending such school are non-white.

For 50 years, METCO has proven its success and brightened the future of thousands of Massachusetts’ children by raising college attendance rates, integrating classrooms, and crafting productive, tax-paying citizens of this Commonwealth. In the face of costs that continue to rise, state funding levels have remained relatively stagnant. In addition, while transportation costs have increased significantly for METCO districts in recent years, the transportation allotment per student has not been increased since 2008.

A 2016 report released by the Executive Office of Education once again affirmed the success of our students showing that the four-year graduation rate of METCO students has surpassed 98% and has consistently exceeded or equaled the graduation rates of their peers in both sending and receiving school districts.  The report also found the percentage of METCO students who indicated their intent to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities was above 92%, exceeding the statewide average on college intentions by over 10%.  

The METCO program needs this level of funding to continue to maintain this high level of success. 

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